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Terms & conditions

Terms & conditions

§ 1 General, scope 
These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to all of our business relationships with our customers.

§ 2 Appointments, treatments 

If the customer doesn´t cancel his treatment at least 24 hours in advance or is a No-Show, we are entitled to charge 50% of the appointment. The customer is not entitled to compensation. If you arrive late, you are only entitled to treatment for the remainder of the originally agreed treatment period. We are also entitled to charge for the full treatment time. If we cannot meet an appointment, we are entitled to postpone the appointment at short notice or to withdraw from the contract. We do everything we can to inform the customer immediately, provided that the address and contact details provided enable prompt contact. 

§ 3 Prices
Our offers and prices are subject to change. Unless otherwise agreed, the current prices on our homepage at the time of treatment apply.

§ 4 Payment
The treatment costs must be paid immediately after completion of the respective treatment. The customer has the option of paying in cash, by TWINT or by bank transfer.

§ 5 Warranty
We do not guarantee results, but we guarantee that the customer will be advised, assessed and treated to the best of our knowledge and belief. We carry out our service to the best of our knowledge and belief and with the greatest possible care. The results of the treatment can vary from customer to customer due to the respective skin condition and so can the success of the treatment. Despite the specialist knowledge and all precautionary measures, an injury or skin reaction cannot be ruled out during the treatment. A guarantee regarding compatibility and success cannot therefore be given. This is particularly true if the customer did not answer questions adequately or truthfully in the preliminary discussion. Participation in the cosmetic treatment is at your own risk. 

§ 6 Liability
Liability is limited to gross negligence and intentional acts. The accuracy of customer information is absolutely crucial for successful treatment. There is no liability for incorrect and/or inaccurate or withholding of information. Liability does not apply if the customer does not follow the treatment instructions, recommendations, treatment preparation and treatment follow-up. Liability for late consequences is excluded if these are not known at the present time. Claims for damages must be made immediately in writing and expire three months after the treatment if they have not been made within this period. 

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