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Frequently Asked Questions

  • At which intervals should I book the treatments?
    In order to be able to laser all hair, the laser hair removal should be repeated at intervals of 4 - 8 weeks, depending on the body zone. After this time the next growth phase takes place and hair that could not be detected before can now be treated. We recommend strictly adhering to the specified distances in order to achieve the best result possible.
  • What side effects are possible?
    As with all treatments, side effects are possible. For example, reddening, burning and swelling similar to a slight sunburn can occur immediately after the laser treatment. However, applying a soothing lotion can usually bring relief quickly. Permanent laser hair removal at PURE does not pose any health risks. Our laser device Versus is ISO-certified and bears a CE mark.
  • How many treatments are necessary?
    Depending on skin and hair type, about 8-12 treatments are necessary. The quickest results are achieved with the "Snow White Type". Meaning light skin and dark hair, as there is high contrast.
  • Which laser is suitable for my skin type?
    Thanks to the combination of 3 wavelengths in one device, all skin types can be successfully treated with the Versus Laser. Alexandrite laser: The so-called alexandrite laser is particularly suitable for very light to light skin types and slightly pigmented hair (red, blond, dark blond). This works with a comparatively lower wavelength of 755 nm. The laser treatment is not effective for non-pigmented hair, i.e. white or very light hair, as the laser cannot detect any pigments and therefore no hair roots. Diode laser: The diode laser is suitable for medium to brownish and olive skin types with light brown to brown/black hair. This works with a wavelength of 810 nm. YAG laser: The so-called YAG laser, which works with a wavelength of 1,064 nm, is suitable for light to dark brown to black skin types with black hair. With this high wavelength, the laser light can penetrate deeply into the skin and also treat dark skin safely.
  • When is treatment not possible?
    You can't be lasered, - above tattoos - during pregnancy & breastfeeding - in case of acute infection - when taking Roacutane.
  • Why are multiple sessions necessary?
    The hair root can only be successfully destroyed in the growth phase. During each treatment, about 15-30% of the hair is in the growth phase, which means that on average about 8 -12 treatments are necessary.
  • What should be considered before and after the treatment?
    Avoid at least 2-3 weeks prior to the treatment intensive sunbathing and solarium. The same applies to the time after the treatment. At least 3 weeks before the treatment do not epilate, wax or pluck. You should also not use depilatory creams. However, it is possible to shave or cut your hair. One day before the treatment, you have to shave the treatment area! The treatment cannot be carried out if you are not shaved, as all hair must be removed before using the device. For a facial treatment, make-up must be removed before the treatment and the skin thoroughly cleaned. On the day of treatment do not wear body lotion, deodorant, or perfume in the areas to be treated! A soothing aloe vera lotion can be applied after the treatment.
  • Is the treatment painful?
    The treatment is very painless thanks to the ice-cooling system. It comes closest to a light plucking.
  • How long takes a session?
    Depending on the body area to be treated, the treatment can take from 10 minutes for the armpits to 90 minutes for the entire body.
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